Home Medication Management Program

Patients can receive assistance with their medication from a Pharmacist and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) from Two Nice Guys Pharmacy at no cost.

Our Home Medication Management Program is a comprehensive, referral-based program that helps patients with their medication-related needs in the comfort of their own home, including daily visits. 


Who needs the Home Medication Management Program? 

The program is designed to improve adherence, reduce medication errors, ease the burden for family/caregivers, improve management of chronic health conditions, and improve the quality of life for our patients. Ideal candidates for the Home Medication Management Program include patients who:

  • Are unable to manage their own medications due to a change in health status or due to physical or cognitive barriers
  • Have a history of medication related hospitalizations due to poor adherence
  • Need medication assistance with injections or transdermal patches
  • Have multiple chronic conditions, complex medication regimens, or mental health concerns including addiction
  • Need home care following a hospital discharge


How it Works

1. It starts with a phone call or visit from our Pharmacist

Our pharmacists do a lot more than dispense prescriptions. Upon a referral to the Home Medication Program, a Two Nice Guys pharmacist will: 

  • Comprehensively review the patient's prescription and non-prescription medications
  • Responsibly dispose of any expired or discontinued medicines
  • Provide a Best Possible Medication History and a summary to the provider including recommendations to optimize your prescription regimen
  • Work with your physician and health care team to develop an personalized care plan for medication administration and ongoing monitoring
  • Create a patient-friendly medication list

2. Then, our Licensed Practical Nurses will provide ongoing care

Patients on our Home Medication Program will receive care based on their personalized care plan. Our nursing staff may:

  • Administer medication daily including injections and transdermal patches
  • Train patients on the use of medical devices with the purpose of supporting patient independence
  • Monitoring such as blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, weight

3. We'll keep you informed every step of the way

Patients referred by a health care provider can request a weekly or monthly status report

  • Medication Administration Record and/or adherence report
  • Results of at-home monitoring (eg: blood pressure)

If you or a loved one require assistance, please contact one of our staff at 778-753-6897 and we can help you get started. 

If you are a healthcare provider interested in referring a patient, please complete our referral form and fax it to us. We are also just a call or text message away at 778-753-6897


See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the program.

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