Vials of COVID 19 vaccine

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Pharmacies in BC have administered millions of public-funded immunizations against preventable diseases including influenza, tetanus, pneumonia, HPV and more.

Two Nice Guys Pharmacy stocks most of the vaccines available through public health and additional vaccines for occupational or travel health. 

Public vaccines can be administered without a prescription and at no charge to you as long as you meet the Province's eligibility criteria. We'll do the screening for eligibility.

We anticipate receiving an allotment of COVID-19 vaccine when the Government's distribution process reaches us. You may be able to get vaccinated elsewhere and we advocate that anyone eligible gets the vaccine as soon as possible to avoid delays or future supply disruptions. We look forward to providing COVID-19 vaccination at Two Nice Guys Pharmacy in the near future. Fill out the form below to get on a waiting list and we'll contact you as soon as we have vaccines available.




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