Home Medication Management Program FAQs

What does the Home Medication Management Program cost?
There is no charge to the patient except the cost of the prescriptions.

How often will a nurse visit a patient's home?
Nurses generally visit patients once per day to assist with medication administration. Arrangements can be made for twice daily visits, or once weekly visits based on the personalized care plan.

Can you inject medication?
Yes, our Nurses are qualified to inject medication. As an example, our program is especially useful for clients who require administration of long-acting antipsychotics, or daily administration of insulin, Fragmin or Lovenox. We can also administer transdermal patches.

Where is the Home Medication Management Program available?
Two Nice Guys Pharmacy currently serves the Greater Kelowna area

How can patients enroll in the Home Medication Management Program?
The program is referral-based. Healthcare Providers, case managers and health units can fill out our Referral Form and fax it to us at 778-753-6903. 
If you wish to self-enroll, please speak with us and we can initiate a conversation with your doctor.

What is NOT included in the program?
At the present time, we do not provide assistance with activities of daily living or drawing blood for lab tests.

Can you administer medication from another pharmacy?
No, to ensure accurate record-keeping and patient safety, we require prescription medication to be sent from our pharmacy. 

What if patients don't need help with medication administration?
We can deliver medication to patients who need witnessed administration, and we are currently developing systems to help patients with medication adherence without daily visits. 
Also, we can still review a patient's medication and suggest a simplified regimen and blister packaging delivered to the patient's home on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Where is your referral form?

To learn more about our Home Medication Management Program, please see our general page, call us at 778-753-6897 or send an E-mail to info@twoniceguyspharmacy.ca

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